Fees and venue

Revised fee scale from September 1st, 2020

The initial assessment has increased from £400 to £450: this includes reading previous reports and clinic letters, scoring questionnaires, an initial appointment of 1½-2 hours, and preparing a thorough assessment letter after the appointment.

Follow-up appt charges have also increased, from £75 for half-an-hour or £150 for an hour to £90 per half-hour and £180 per hour. Folow-up appts are mostly of roughly half-an-hour. The follow-up fee includes a clinic letter. 

Prescriptions are now charged at £25 each. This includes the cost of Special Delivery postage for most ADHD prescriptions (subject to Covid-related limitations).

Emails and phone calls necessary for administrative purposes are included in the above prices. Emails and phone calls about clinical issues may be charged at £50 per half-hour.

A subsequent more detailed summary report (e.g. an ASD assessment, or for medico-legal purposes) is charged at a flat rate of £300.


The following categories may allow a reduction of about one third of the fee:
# siblings of existing clients
# loss of income since original referral
# any plausible cause of hardship


Due to Covid, for the foreseable future all my sessions will by video-link, usually on https://whereby.com/oyfp

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