Comments from young people

“I feel very confident around Dr Quentin. He has helped me a lot with my mental health.”

“He is very nice and puts up with my hyperness, he is a saint for putting up my speech very nice and good.”

“He has been amazing both at listening to what I have going on and helping me to find the right balance of medication to make me feel a bit more normal and functioning again.”

“He spoke directly to me I felt better after my medication was explained I feel like he listened to me.”

“Doctor Spender was very nice and explained well and listened very nicely.”

“Dr Spender aka Dr Quentin as I call him is amazing, supportive and kind. He is the only doctor to have taken me seriously. He’s pretty much saved my life. If he hadn’t listened & supplied me with meds I would have killed myself.”

“I think he is very nice to me and will answer a question if I ask one and he listens to me.”

“Understood me very well!!”

“He is very good and I feel comfortable talking to him.”

“didn’t judge me at all.”

Comments from parents

“Dr Spender is considerate, thoughtful and very supportive a great Dr who support’s family & patient.”

“Dr Spender was really helpful and very professional wish we could have seen him from the beginning.

“Absolutely delighted with the help we are receiving from Dr Spender is very understanding and great with my daughter she seems comfortable with him which is rare for her.”

“Dr Spender was good at putting my daughter at her ease.”

Comments from colleagues in CAMHS Multidisciplinary Teams

“I feel Dr Spender is particularly skilled in assessing complex cases. The quality of his written feedback is exceptional, and he demonstrates high levels of empathy and emotional warmth.”

“I have observed Dr Spender communicating with clients in an empathetic and respectful manner. He utilised a person-centred # intervention and clarified the family understood any information that was given. This approach seems to have empowered young people to make some disclosures regarding important issues which were affecting their mental health.

“Dr Spender is always approachable and knowledgeable with advice he offers. He has a way of engaging with young people that is fascinating to see – the ebb and flow as he discusses difficult or challenging issues with them to find a way forward.”

“He is one of the most thorough consultants I have worked with in terms of gathering/reading/sharing information prior to appointments and meetings; I have never seen him go into a session unprepared. I also value his holistic approach, especially considering systemic factors. “

“I think Dr Spender is a very competent and emphatic professional, that always goes the extra mile for his patients, with great skills and knowledge, and always available to support colleagues.”

“Dr Spender writes exceptionally clear, helpful reports. His assessments appear comprehensive, addressing complex patients with care and sensitivity and his summary / formulations are always so apt, clear and workable.

“Very hard working and committed to the wellbeing of young people and families. ‘Goes the extra mile’ to provide a good service. His letters and reports are comprehensive and thorough.”

“Excellent engagement of carers and patients, being sensitive to their unique situation. Good communication between colleagues and approachable style.”

“Quentin has a clear expertise in psychiatric assessments and has a vast amount of experience in this area.”

“A clear communicator with young people. Passionate about patient rights. Championing the underdog.”

“He is the best practitioner I have seen in applying a Rogerian approach [Person-Centred Therapy] # in believing in the innate worthiness and good of other people.”

“Probably the most approachable and inspiring consultant I have ever met.”

“Very precise and has read patient history before seeing the client, which enables him to avoid repetition, and patients feeling valued. Great feedback from my clients who have seen him.”

“Incredibly thorough in assessments.”

* These comments are copied directly from appraisals in 2015 and 2018; and from a feedback questionnaire administered to families at the end of a typical session called “I Want Great Care”.

# Person-Centred Therapy: following the client’s lead in the flow of the conversation, and developing the client’s own understanding and skills to their benefit.